The CEATEC AWARD 2022 judging committee will review and select the exhibits and
projects submitted in advance by exhibitors from among the technologies, products, services,
etc. to be exhibited at CEATEC 2022, and award those that are deemed highly innovative and
outstanding from academic and technical perspectives, marketability and potential.
The CEATEC AWARD 2022 Judging Committee will screen and select exhibits and projects from
among those submitted in advance by exhibitors and present them with awards.


We are pleased to announce that ARUM Corporation received the
Minister of Digital Award for ARUMCODE1, the world's first AI software that fully
automatically generates machining programs to run machine tools,
at the CEATEC AWARD 2022.

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One ARUMCODE can convert 3DCAD data
to G-code automatically and at once!

ARUMCODE analyzes the shape of machined parts by simply dragging and dropping drawing data. and drop the drawing data to analyze the geometry of the machined part. The system instantly displays tool selection, machining condition settings, and material and tool set instructions. The ARUMCODE instantly displays tool selection, machining condition settings, and material and tool set instructions accordingly.


ARUMCODE User Benefit

  • 50% Reduction in manufacturing Costs per Workpiece.

    For metal parts produced in small lots, NC programming costs account for the total manufacturing cost; fully automating the NC programming process will realize overwhelming cost reductions.

  • 180% Increase in Annual Production

    ARUMCODE1 can upload to 500 pieces of 3D CAD date at a time. If a large amount of data is loaded in the evening. NC programs are completed the next morning. During the daytime, the factory can concentrate on manufacturing, which increases machine utilization and production output.

  • 175 Steps Reduction in Human Work for programming.

    NC programming required CAM operators to make decisions on tool selection and machining condition settings, etc. The introduction of ARUMCODE1 will free thenm from long hours of work and allow them to devote their manpower to more creative and value-added tasks.

Three key points to meet the needs of the field

For all types of machining features, we respond to the demands of various industries such as medical devices, airplanes, and industrial equipment by handling 2.5D machining, thin material machining, and mold/press die machining parts.

Capable of machining a wide variety of shapes

Capable of 2.5D machining not only in XY direction but also in XZ and YZ directions. It can also handle flow curve shapes, molds, and press mold parts.

Compatible with all types of processing features

Based on the machining data and registered tool information, the optimal tool type for each machining and the maximum diameter tool in the machining area are automatically set.
【Supported Machining】 Drilling, flat drilling, long hole, island leaving, radius, boring, reaming, tapping, R/C chamfering, scanning line, contour line, pocket, front face milling

Automatic determination of optimal machining type

Automatically determines special shapes such as screws, reamers, etc., and automatically identifies the range of contour and scanning line machining, and outputs the appropriate tool assignment and machining path for each shape.

Automatic setting of workpiece dimensions

Automatically measures the outside dimensions of the CAD data drawing and automatically sets the workpiece size.
* Recommended workpiece size:
Max. 2000mm x 1000mm x 50mm

The system supports a wide variety of materials, including various types of aluminum, copper, carbon steel, and general structural steel, and automatically sets machining conditions after determining tool wear, cutting resistance, and thermal fluctuations according to the characteristics of each material.

Suitable for various materials to be cut

We are continuously working on various aluminum, copper, resin, carbon steel, and general structural steel materials.

The new machine does not require any of the years of intuition and experience required in the world of cutting, where micron-level precision is demanded, while completely reproducing the machining quality of a skilled craftsman.

Theoretical accuracy is faithfully reproduced during processing

Machined parts machined with machining paths analyzed by ARUMCODE1®︎ achieve dimensional accuracy of ±10 μm, shape crossing of ±5 to 15 μm, and surface roughness of around Ra0.5.

Add-on Applications

Auto Tool Manager "ATM"

By OPTION cost

The ATM fully automates tool diameter and tool length corrections previously made by the operator by optimizing cutting conditions based on automatic measurement using a self-developed camera unit. The ATM also automatically determines the consistency of tools set on the spindle, measures tool wear and updates tool data after machining is complete, and reduces tool-related setup time by 70%.

Automatic measurement of tool diameter and length with our self-developed camera unit and tool length with our self-developed camera unit.

Automatic correction of cutting conditions based on measured tool information


By OPTION cost

ARUMCODE1® employs a DNC operation system that connects the PC to the machining center via cable, enabling simultaneous commands to multiple machining centers. An IP address is assigned to each machining center, and the output NC program is automatically transferred. Up to 50 machines can be operated simultaneously, greatly increasing the operation rate.

Cutting simulation "Vsim"

By OPTION cost

Machining progress machining process can be checked in advance and interference checks can be performed visually for safe and reliable machining. Graphical simulation of multiple models analyzed one by one in conjunction with NC programs and tools to be used. (Equipped with ARUMCODE1® dedicated GUI)
Automatic collision check for tool/holder interference, tool bite, and leftover material by using the color band display function.


ARUMCODE1 analyzes the shape of the machined part by simply dragging and dropping drawing data.
"The ARUMCODE1 instantly selects the appropriate tool, sets the machining conditions,
and displays the material and tool set instructions.and display instructions for materials and tool sets.

1. shape analysis

The Z-axis is thinly sliced and the feature area is analyzed based on the coordinate values obtained at a pitch of 5 microns in the XY plane.

2. Machining feature identification and allocation

Automatically determines where and what kind of machining features are to be allocated according to the shape of the analyzed drawing data.

3. Tool selection

Based on the machining feature allocation data and registered tool information, the optimal tool for each machining operation is automatically set.

4. Machining condition selection

Optimum machining conditions are calculated by our unique algorithm based on the information registered for your machine, tools, and materials.

5. machining path calculation

Based on the set machining conditions, the system automatically calculates efficient machining paths and draws a simulation.


Coming soon



ARUMCODE is an evolving AI software. Starting with milling, it will also support turning and grinding and then to turning and grinding. It can also be combined with hardware to and hardware, ARUMCODE can reduce the total cost by 80%. the total cost by 80%.